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We use PHYTS 100% Pure & Organic for our facials!

What is PHYTS?

PHYTS 100% Pure Active Skin Care Pure & Organic, PHYTS is the No 1 Professional Skin Care in France that carries the prestigious COSMEBIO label on all their products. Guaranteed chemical free, Phyts is a subtle alliance of active ingredients resulting from Organic Agriculture to give 100% immediate resulting to your skin.

All PHYT’S treatments include eye & lip treatments.

PHYTS Facial Treatment Price List

Discovery facial– 45min €45.00

A pick me up mini facial to revive your skin. A cleanse, tone, gentle exfoliation followed by a massage & a mask adapted to your skin type are the steps for your skin to feel fresh & nourished again.

PHYTS ANTI-COMEDONS – 1 hour €55.00

For oily or acne skin with congestion of blackheads. Softens sebum build up with a Potassium & Copper specific serum allowing easy removal of blockages. This treatment is helping to normalise the sebum with the added benefit of its antibacterial action. The active ingredients will stay into the skin for another few days to heal the skin.



Tailored to your own skin type, this radiance facial 100% pure & active will meet your skin expectation. Using a variety of minerals, vegetable oils as Sesame oil, Argan oil and plant extracts, this treatment is going to leave your skin with a perfect glowing complexion. A combination of a soft peel, two cream masks with pressure points & massage adapted to your skin is performed during the treatment.


PHYTS MULTIVITA – 1 HOUR 30min €75.00

An event or wedding coming? Or simply your skin needs a boost to shift tiredness & dullness? Here is the Best of all treatments, a complex concentre made of a cocktail of Vitamin C, E, A, B5, B2, Zinc & Ceveble, A PHYT’S innovation to improve elasticity & erase fine lines to achieve perfect skin.

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