Relaxing Massage

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Massage Treatments

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – 35mins €35.00

An ancient Ayervedic treatment concentrating on shoulder, neck, scalp and face. Ideal for those prone to stress headaches and sinus promotes healthy hair growth.

BACK SCRUB & MASSAGE – 45mins €40.00

Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells followed by a deep tension massage to include back, neck and shoulders.

FULL BODY Deep Tissues Massage – 1hr €60.00

Designed to renew, uplift and detoxify your body with the blend of essential oils.

TENSION RELIEF Back, Neck & Shoulder – 30mins €30.00

Unravel and unwind your knotted shoulders with our deep tension massage to include back, neck & shoulders.

FACE, NECK & SCALP MASSAGE – 20mins €25.00

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax & let your senses be whisked away. A treatment for yourself, a gift for someone special.

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