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Lip Fillers

We use quality grade lip fillers that last from 2-4 months. The length of time largely depends on the individual and how well their lips hold the product.

1/2 mil – €175

1 mil – €275

Lip fillers are perfect for women with thin lips that desire the very fashionable plump pout look! They are also used as an anti-aging technique for the lips. Lip fillers push lines out, smoothing the lips and giving a youthful appearance.

See some of our consultant’s previous happy customers images below:

 lip fillers Longford


Diathermy is a mild current used to remove unwanted hair from the face & body. It is safe, permanent & medically approved Using sterile disposable needles. Minimum Charge:

€10.00 for 5 minutes

€12.00 for 10 minutes

€15.00 for 15 minutes

€20.00 for 20 minutes

€25.00 for 30 minutes

€30.00 for 40 minutes

Mesotherapy Longford


Treat yourself to Mesotherapy, the new non- surgical face-lift!

Mesotherapy with needle: €150

Mesotherapy without needle: €50

Skin Renovation Treatment

Chimical Peel Treatment – Phyt’Skin Rénov

First chemical peel certified Organic, a skin renovator with Glycolic Acid of natural origin, for soft, smooth, and radiant skin.
Phyt’Skin Rénov is a comprehensive skincare treatment, combining naturality and effectiveness, based on a concept matching professional treatment and at home preparation for optimal effectiveness and quick visible results.
Not recommended for sensitive and/or skin with serious conditions (acne, rosacea, eczema…)

Facial Care Serona Skin and Beauty LongfordMAIN NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS

 Glycolic Acid

Type Of Skin : Dull skin, tired, wrinkled with skin irregularities.
Expectation : Improvement in skin condition.
Duration : 45 mn
Recommended frequency : 4 treatment sessions with 1 session every 10 days. To be repeated every 3 to 6 months. Up to twice a year. Ask your Phyt’s Naturo-Beautician for advice.


Smoothed skin 90%*
Refined skin texture 95%*
Reduced imperfections 80%*
Skin is revitalised

Eyebrows, PhiBrows and Microblading

Microblading Longford

Have you considered Microblading? Serona Beauty & Laser Clinic Longford work with one of the United Kingdoms’ best eyebrow consultants.

Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment superficially in the upper region of the dermis with the use of a hand tool with attached needles fused together in a linear grouping, it does not involve the use of a machine and is very similar to semi-permanent make up.

We are delighted to bring one of the U.K’s top eyebrow and lash specialist to Longford.

Dora Ivanov a Phibrows expert will be holding clinics in Serona Beauty on an appointment booking basis.

Phi Brows are the most natural looking semi permanent micro-blading method on the market. Phi, is also the latest technique in micro-blading, which creates a super realistic hair stroke using the smallest blades avaiable.

The colour pigment is heavy metal and nickle free, It is organic and has not been tested on animals ‘Which we love’!!

HDL and LVL eyebrows and eyelashes LongfordHow long will it last?

Phi Brows will last up to 2 years.

What is so good about Phi Brow artists?

Phi Brow artists are the best on the market! The perfectly sculpted hair stroke method that only a Phi Brow Artist can achieve is stunning and this why all the celebrities ONLY use Phi Brow artists.  There are only a few of these artists in Ireland, Dora, our consultant being one of them!

Also available: HD Brows and LVL Lashes!


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